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Alexander plumbing is an established business with over 20 years of experience that we have run with integrity and pride in our work. You may find someone cheaper, but you will not find someone better.

Imagine something going wrong with the water pipes or drainage leaving the bathroom flooded, or a kitchen faucet dripping and leaking constantly and you have to deal with the wet floors; the whole scenario is a nightmare in itself, and if you do not call a professional plumber for such emergencies, it can become ten folds worse.Your home comfort to a large extent depends on its efficient plumbing system and our plumbers are the ones to do the right job. Any issue with water leaking or repairing pipes, fixture and faucets should be handled at once instead of delaying and our certified plumbers are the best to take up the job. We are available 24/7 to address any of your plumbing emergencies. Our key services include--

- Repairing burst or leaking pipes.
- Installing and repairs of mains stopcocks.
- Tap repair and replacement.
- Installing and repairing showers.
- Installing cold water storage tanks.
- Installing water pumps.
- Repairing un-vented high pressure hot water cylinders.
- Saniflow macerator repair and replacement.
- Bathroom refurbishment.
- Unclogging blocked external and internal drains.
- Drain laying and repairs.
- Dealing with hot water cylinders and immersion elements.